BELL PRIMAX LLP- THE LOGISTICS DIVISION of BELL FOODS GROUP With the great experience of the parent company in freezing and storing frozen marine products. BELL PRIMAX (AQUAMARINE COLD STORE) located at Chandiroor, Alleppey. With the capacity of 1000 Mtons. It is one of the largest cold storages for frozen seafood products.

Ethical Behaviour and Integrity, Operate the business following the highest ethical and moral standards. Commitment to People (Employees), Treat employees with respect and provide a healthy and safe workplace. Commitment to Stakeholders, Enhance alignment with key stakeholders & protecting their interests

Our export is through the Vallarpadam Container Terminal, located approx. 5km from the plant. All financial activities are audited as per local laws/regulations. Similarly store and export the raw seafood and Ocean Bell Food products across globe in high quality, reliable, safe, environmentally responsible and cost effective manner.